When faced with illness, you are likely to meet two different worlds:


1. The official world of doctors offering solutions that fight the illness specifically. Often at the expence of general heath.


2. The alternative world of health practitioners hoping to dispose of specific afflictions by improving general health.


Now, meet a world of non-invasive medical protekols that do both: build general health and fight the illness specifically.


Soft laser light is a technology, that does exactly that.

























The testimonials above may have left you with the impression, that the laser technology generates quick and lasting results. While that is true in some case, the most common experience is, that permanent healing takes time.


Even with the best lasers on he market, patience can be needed, and with serious health conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson's and ME, supplementary measures such as providing extra oxygen and nutrients to the body along with detox protocols may also be required for lasting results.


That being said, soft laser light provides life energy specifically to the afflicted area. It breaks the defences of the illness and seems to open the gateways for immune cells, oxygen and nutrients to flood in and repair the afflicted area. It is often experienced to be the decisive factor in turning progressive conditions around.


In conclusion soft laser technology is a valuable aid to anyone wishing to maintain or regain health. When the best lasers are used with patience and with proper supplementary means, soft laser light rarely fails to restore health.





There are more than 5,000 studies both clinical and scientific showing the benefit of various low level laser wave lengths.


Examples are:

  • Double-blind placebo-controlled study on Osteoarthritis of the Hand showing a 69 to 89% improvement with one application every other day for 10 days.
  • Double-blind placebo-controlled study on Type 2 Diabetes showing a 70% reduction of the blood study HBA1, the most common test used to diagnose diabetes.
  • Double-blind placebo-controlled study on high blood pressure showing a 96% reduction.
  • A controlled study on memory retention and learning showing 30% improvement.
  • A stop smoking study using auricular therapy showing a success rate of nearly 70%.
  • A weight loss study showing a loss of 5 pounds in 30 days using soft laser light twice a week.
  • A study on stress, using heart rate variability as a measuring device, showing a 32% average reduction of stress with one 3 minute application.





First of all, you may not have to buy a laser at all. In many less serious cases, 5-10 teatments are enough, and for that you would not want to buy a laser youself. However, as mentioned earlier, healing serious conditions may take time.


In case the first treatments are promissing but pointing to the need for continual teatments, buying your own laser could be worth considering.


As may be expected from watching the testimonials above, there are tree leading soft light lasers on the market today. They are:


QLasers. The main unit, Q1000ng+, has 12 inbuilt laser diodes and 8 ordinary diodes delivering a total of 42 mW. This level of power of the main unit generates a gentle rejuvenating effect, but not much stimulating effect. Thus, in most cases stimulating "probes" (smaller sattelite lasers at 30-300 mW) are also needed. Four different sattelite probes are being offered making the entire system most flexible and effective. But also a bit complicated and expensive for the home user. A pack with one main unit and two sattelite units comes presently at about $ 7,300 US.


EnerCHI. This is an all-in-one laser with 20 inbuilt laser diodes and 4 ordinary diodes delivering a total of 120 mW. It penetrates deeply and is both rejuvenating and stimulating at the same time. This makes the EnerCHI easy to use and less expensive than the QLasers. Also, in some individual cases, it has shown even better results than QLasers. It could be the optimal choise for the home user. An EnerCHI laser comes at a present price of about $ 4,800 US.


VieLight is a one-diode laser with much lower power. However, the available power is used brilliantly by placing the laser in the nose pointing its light directly at the thin, transparent walls of the blood wessels of the nose cavety. Thus, it rejuvenates the blood circulating the entire body, and generates better results than one would expect form a laser this size. The VieLight comes in tree versions with the laser diode emitting different wavelenghts (colors): 633 nM, 655 nM and 810 nM, at $ 299. $ 399 and $ 499 US respectively. It could be the best choice for a home user on a slim budget. Or as home supplement for treatments with lasers offering more specific effects.







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